Fed Up New Yorkers is a labor of love—the love of the democratic institutions we've inherited: an independent judiciary, the separation of powers, checks and balances, a meaningful bill of rights for all citizens, the informed consent of the governed as expressed by fair elections that aren't driven by obscene amounts of money spent on propaganda, and on discouraging or locking the ballot box to a growing number of Americans.
Our democratic institutions are under siege as never before in modern political history. And all of us are deeply concerned that we may not be passing on our precious inheritance to future generations.  So we hope Fed Up New Yorkers will be as worthwhile to you as working on it is meaningful to us.
As mentioned elsewhere, we're rushing to get this site and our newspaper up and into the hands of politicians and their constituents during the first week of January. That will coincide with the opening of the state legislative session in Albany. We'll then turn our attention to developing a rate sheet and media kit for both digital and print advertising. If you'd like to receive it,
please write to us

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