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This is Our Country — Don’t Let Them Steal it

Financial Brute Force is Taking America Down Fast

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie and Scott Walker -- and countless other politicians -- happily dance to the tune of the Big-Money Barons who will spare no expense to bend the political process to their own will.
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Halliburtonstein, a Corporation and Its Creatures

Polluting, War Profiteering and Politically Corrupting

halliburtonstein.jpgWritten for

This month our corporate spotlight is on Halliburton, portrayed here as a Frankenstein monster, Halliburtonstein. The company’s destructive impact will be felt long after its infamous CEO, Dick Cheney, exhausts the ingenuity of modern medicine. Meanwhile, David Lesar, his successor, is now at the controls — and just barely holding on.

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‘Letter From a Birmingham Jail’

Martin Luther King on the Need to Fight Against Injustice

On April 12, 1963, Martin Luther King and Ralph Abernathy were arrested for violating Alabama’s law against mass public demonstrations.

Drug Company’s History of Misdeeds Dates to 1950s

After the Second World War, Pfizer circumvented the traditional drug distribution networks and began marketing its products directly to hospitals and physicians.  Pfizer became the leading advertiser in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). It ran ads for antibiotics that displayed the names of doctors who endorsed its products — the doctors were fictitious. Its aggressive sales tactics through various promotions and teams of detail men came to be known as the “Pfizer Blitz.”

Pfizer, Inc.’s Executives Get Pass on Prosecution

Billions in Fines and Settlements a Cost of Business

Can a corporate criminal culture ever be reformed unless high-ranking executives go to prison? Is there even such a thing as a corporate culture? Suppose some CEOs do go to prison but the criminal behavior continues —What then?

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