Generally speaking, the hack is that species of political operative whose highest moral purpose is to advance the interests of those who pay him. The job of the flack is to explain to the public why what the hack has accomplished is in the best interests of "hardworking taxpayers."  Neither hacks nor flacks have any compunctions about serving the interests of foreign governments -- so long as they are paid.

The Whores Who Would be Madams is our saltier description of the political phenomenon of the "revolving door." They are the public servants who have transitioned to service the needs and desires of the private sector, enjoying the rewards of deferred compensation arrangements and to set an example for other, aspiring madams.  

The taxonomies described above aren't precise; political hacks, for example, may transition seamlessly into flacks, many of whom work for Fox News or even more respectable media. And they may transition back to government, once more taking on the guise of public servants. Rarely, if ever, do madams become whores again, such labors being far too strenuous for the older and richer madams.

The Corporate Bad Boy of the Month will examine the worst corporate offenders – the polluters, fraudsters, tax avoiders, war profiteers — and the people who run them.

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