“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Meade

Fed Up New Yorkers is a publishing project and a political plan. Our purpose is to lessen Big Money’s grip on our political system and on our society.

We Don’t Need Any More Policy Ideas—We Need a Realistic Political Plan

There are numberless, well documented, brilliantly articulated policy proposals for dealing with wealth and income inequality, militarized police forces, poverty, perpetual war, global warming, crumbling infrastructure, collapsing schools, and all the other problems the country faces. It’s good to have them. Progressives have to know what they want.

To that end, we will be publishing the best work of research institutes, public policy groups and advocacy organizations, from the web, in books, videos, research reports—wherever we find it.

But a feasible political plan is needed to advance these ideas.

Petitioning politicians to do the right thing is far less effective than threatening them with the loss of their jobs. The Tea Party, National Rifle Association, and other groups—for better or (mostly) worse—understand that to advance their agendas, they have to be voters. Progressives have yet to demonstrate that they understand this.

Our Plan in a Nutshell: Begin at the State Level

We don’t think it’s feasible to take on Big Money at a national level—and it isn’t necessary.

Fed Up New Yorkers will distribute its monthly newspaper in Albany where the insiders gather, supposedly to do the “People's Business.” By now most New Yorkers understand that it isn't the People's Business that's getting done. We'll also distribute in as many districts as resources permit, reporting to the people who live in those districts what the insiders are doing as opposed to what they say they are doing. And we will urge our readers to become voters. In some districts only a few hundred voters can defeat incumbents. And the politicians know it.

If we’re successful, the effort can be replicated in other states. It won’t take that many people to move the political needle—but it will take the people. Leaders will emerge only when progressive New Yorkers demonstrate the will to hold politicians accountable.

Please see The Publisher's Statement for more details on our Plan.

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